Some of the kind things said about me...

“I don't know how Kirstin does it! She was able to get down to my daughter's level and make a connection with her when no one else could."

"One service provider ended services for my son after three months
for not making any progress. Kirstin worked with him for less than a month and I could see changes. She made a world of a difference! I wonder where he would be now if we had her from the beginning."

"Kirstin really knows what she is doing. I have complete faith in her
and her programs."

“Within Kirstin's first two hours of working with my grandson, he spoke three words. He was considered 'non-verbal' before he met her!"

"Kirstin has always been professional and has known what to do. My son now makes eye contact and is communicating like he never did before. Setting up a program with Kirstin has been the best thing we have done for our son!"

"Kirstin set us up with a perfect ABA program at home and had great ideas for us to help him with his behaviors. He has made amazing progress is such a short amount of time! "

"Kirstin is very fun, nurturing, and unwavering in the face of challenging situtations. She is thoughtful and caring and will always treat your child with respect. She really believes in recovery and seeks to do this one child at a time. I am very impressed with Kirstin’s work ethics. Besides being bright, sensitive, and conscientious to a multitude of issues, her tenacity and self-motivation are superior to most."

 I feel like Kirstin takes her time to really hear my concerns. I never feel rushed, and she actually supports my position as a 'high-profile mom.' You can tell Kirstin wants the best for your child."

 *Names have been withheld for confidentiality