Bringing quality SERVICE to your area...

I have been helping families across the country to establish quality home programs utilizing the principles of ABA. With consistent supervision and on-site visits, my families have made monumental progress that was not possible before initiating such quality programming!

It IS possible to have quality services even if they are not offered in your area! I am able to make progress faster than most other Autism Specialists because I am dedicated to seeing your family succeed.
I also offer IEP support when requested.
In an effort to cut costs for the families I work with, I often work with my families to find other local parents who are interested in establishing quality programs.

How it works:
I visit your area to conduct an initial assessment and evaluate the needs of your family.
Together we hire behavioral therapists to work with your child.
I visit your area a second time to train the therapists and begin your child's ABA program.
Ongoing supervision is provided via webcam and I visit your program for updates and modifications approximately every 6 weeks.

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