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The Starfish Thrower Story...

A man began jogging down the beach the day after a major storm had hit the area, and he became
increasingly troubled as he passed countless starfish that had been left stranded on the shore.
He reluctantly continued on his run until he saw a woman in the distance who was moving about in
such a way that she appeared to be dancing. As he grew closer, he discovered the woman wasn't dancing;
she was throwing the starfish back into the sea. He shook his head in dismay and approached the young
woman as she bent over to pick up another starfish, saying, "Excuse me Miss, but why are you wasting
your time? There are thousands of stranded starfish and miles of beach. Are you crazy? You can't possibly
make a difference!" The woman paused for a moment; thoughtfully looked at the stranger and then down
at the starfish she cradled delicately in her hand, before turning away and gently tossing the starfish back into the surf. Looking back at the stranger she said, "Sure made a difference to that one."

Making a Difference!

Mission Statement...

To guide and support families effected by developmental delays and intellectual disabilities,
by designing, implementing, and eventually fading quality behavioral programs for their children.
As the quest for a cure continues, I feel it is my duty as a Specialist to support families in their pursuit
to improve their quality of life and to lead their children down the path toward independence.
I strive for each family to feel they are not alone, they are a priority, and to be reassured they
will not become lost in the shuffle.

Specializing In...

The advocacy of the child, and the education and support of the family.